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Background of PKoloncc

The construction of infrastructure and transit projects can be a voyage of Discovery, with challenges from the foundation to the final finishes. No project is the same. However, contract law, its principles, and its claims bear great similarity.

PKoloncc has been involved in bespoke projects throughout Canada, Caribbean, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

Projects have included:

  • Crosslinx, Eglinton LRT
  • Highway projects throughout Ontario, Canada.
  • AWPR (Aberdeen Bypass, Scotland)
  • TTC highway 407 and Sheppard West Downsview Stations
  • St. Michaels Hospital Renovation
  • University of Windsor – Armories Building
  • TTC Vaughan Subway Station, Ontario
  • Peterhead Generation Station Scotland
  • Dry Dock for Captain Scott’s ship Discovery, Scotland
  • M80 Stepps Bypass, Scotland
  • King Khaled International Airport, Saudi Arabia
  • Nottingham Express LRT, England
  • M65 Blackburn Southern Bypass, England
  • NEC Savonetta Pier 2, Point Lisas and LABIDCO Dock Extension, La Brea, Trinidad

Project Challenges

Understanding contractual responsibility requires particular skills. A project’s size, the skillsets of the people involved, and the complexity of the project each present fundamental challenges, whether in constructing a dry dock to ensure a watertight environment, installing light rail transit using the latest technology from Europe, or working on-site with businesses in China to manufacture precision finishes for subway projects.

Bespoke projects invariably overrun as teams are working with unique issues for the first time and are unable to devote sufficient resources to properly assess the full implications.

Let us help you. PKoloncc provides years of practical experience in addressing project challenges from contractual negotiations to commercial management. We can quickly comprehend complex project scenarios, understand scheduling, critical paths to project completion, relationship building with clients and sub-trades, and can synthesize these elements to provide an accurate forecast of costs through completion.

The ability to recognize these complexities at an early stage is paramount. Only by acceptance of the potential outturn can businesses take steps to change the inevitable.

PKoloncc builds relationships. And with good technical and commercial knowledge of infrastructure projects and proper accounting for risk, we bring about the best outturn.

Industry Expertise

The Canadian culture is one of partnership and PKoloncc has embraced this fundamental approach. Canadian sub-trades are resourceful and inclusive in their management, and these practices result in successful projects. The expertise PKoloncc has gained with troubled projects over the last 25 years in Canada and abroad has not been easily achieved, but they can truly benefit your business. These skills can be summarised as follows:

  • Leadership in infrastructure and transit projects with the astute ability to determine the key drivers of complex projects and assess liability or responsibility for overrun of schedule and/or cost.
  • Excellent client and sub-trade relationship builders, providing diplomatic explanations of liability and responsibility for successful project delivery.
  • Excellent understanding of schedules, critical path analysis of not only logic-driven processes, but also resource constrained activities.
  • In-depth understanding of legal and contractual matters.
  • Effective and practiced consultation with legal counsel and experts makes it less costly.
  • Proficiency in finding resolution to complex technical issues and finding resolutions for deficiencies in project specifications.
  • Proven expertise in the preparation and negotiation of claims to secure an amicable financial resolution, continually seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to bring about the most cost-effective agreement.
  • Leadership of teams in seeking an award from Dispute Resolution Boards (DRB) on contractual interpretation, geotechnical, hydrological, and builder work specifications.
  • Leadership of dispute teams in conjunction with Legal Counsel in both Arbitration and Litigation, which has included managing the review of expert reports in scheduling, geotechnical, hydrological, and civil engineering.
What we offer
  • Managing Strategy for Troubled Projects
  • Claims Preparation and Negotiation
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost Control
  • Commercial and Contract Management
  • Project Management
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